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SDGE Executed Contract copy (1)Mission:
The Mission is to raise $200,000 by October 15, 2017 from 20-50 wealthy and corporate donors.
The mission of the Danger Close Foundation (DCF) is to bridge the civil-military divide by these non profit activities:
1. Historical Writing (www.lima37.com, a book, “Danger Close” about a USMC Rifle Company in Operation Iraqi Freedom)
2. To transitioning Veterans, especially combat arms and air controllers in securities industry exams (e.g. Series 65), which is appropriate as military fire support and options pricing both use Brownian motions
3. To assist ongoing operations (e.g., 2004 logistics request to 1/7, and 2007 snake eater technology request to support incoming Assistant Sec Def Owen West with fingerprinting technology, and 2012 clean energy technology to Afghanistan through CENTCOM Commanding General Mattis) (See due diligence paperwork 2004 Veteran Ventures, 2007 Veteran Ventures, 2012 Veteran Ventures, 2015 Veteran Ventures, SDGE Executed Contract ($15,000), former Goldman Sachs banker Executed Contract ($10,000), Letter to General Atomics requesting $10,000, and about $5000 from Home Depot micro grants to provide Veteran Housing.
2004 Veteran Ventures Due Diligence
2007 Veteran Ventures Due Diligence
2012 Veteran Ventures Due Diligence
2015 Veteran Ventures Due Diligence
SDGE Executed Contract copy (1)
We want to build on all these 1st year achievements in order to grow towards doing home depot Veteran Housing Grants:
Our Foundation will integrate our efforts with the Department of Veterans Affairs program to repurpose bank owned repossessed properties into HUD-VASH quality housing for disabled Veterans through Home Depot grants, organized along the lines of the Jesuit communities for missionaries and teachers with a deep ethical purpose in common.
Our Foundation will organize a Career Crew Classic in Mission Bay, San Diego, in the first week of April with major corporations taking over a college tent (e.g. General Atomics takes over Stanford tent) in order to offer career opportunities to transitioning Veterans on the day after the main crew races, thus putting the 1% General Kelly discusses in touch with the 1% in order to create the best career opportunities for our best Americans.

4. To increase the number of Veteran Owned Businesses through the use of business law advice from Stanford law graduates, and successful Stanford, Harvard, and Jesuit alumni.

Janar Wasito, Harvard 91, Stanford JD 2000, USMC Infantry officer, 1991-1995
Marcus Jackson, Stanford JD, 1999
Bill Vesterman, Harvard 91, USMC Infantry Officer, Operation Iraqi Freedom 2004-2005

In 2004 Janar Wasito and Doug Halepaska started writing a unit history of Lima 3/7 from 2004-2007, paying expenses out of our own pocket. We supported logistics requests for civil affairs (2004), critical technology for counterinsurgency like the snakeeater fingerprinting kit that Owen West used in 2007, and clean energy solar support for comm gear from SDGE in 2012 through CentCom Commanding General Mattis. In 2012, we did a SDGE military summit that benefitted 600 Veterans at MCRD. We have trained a smaller number of Veterans to get the Series 65 — corporals who have already gotten jobs with Securities firms.
Marcus Jackson, JD, and Janar Wasito, JD, have also focused on using their legal files to assist new Veteran Owned Businesses and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises to get started especially in the early years of their operation. Bill Vesterman, USMC, Harvard 91 is a real estate professional and the manager of his own Montessori school, who mentor early stage Veteran Owned Businesses.


The entrpreneurship events are represented by the videos in other parts of this website:

Tim Lacey, Stanford BS MS, CFO of public company Nasdaq: IMMR
Founders of other companies that successfully obtained US Government backing

If you are able to support our non profit, please send your tax deductible donation to:
Danger Close Foundation
9990 Mesa Rim Road, Suite 240
San Diego, CA 92109
Please call (619) 786-0945 with any questions

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This is a website for writing a book about Lima Company, 3/7, during 4 deployments to Iraq between 2003 and 2007.


This is a website for writing a book about Lima Company, 3/7, during 4 deployments to Iraq between 2003 and 2007.